Rev. Jodi Houge

Grower of kids, plants and love.



I get to do a lot of great things with a lot of wonderful people. Here are some highlights.

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Why Church Hymns Are Best Sung in Bars

Atlantic Monthly, August 2016

Jodi Houge, a pastor in Minnesota, talks about the shifting church culture in the U.S. and what it’s like to hold services in coffee shops and bars.


Why Christian? 2015 - Video

Nadia Bolz Weber and Rachel Held Evans hosted the inaugural Why Christian? Conference in September 2015 in Minneapolis. I was delighted to speak at this conference and even more delighted that they captured a portion of my talk to share with you here.


Jodi Houge experiences change, growth and blessing in neighborhood congregation

Pastor Jodi Houge describes Humble Walk Lutheran as, “a church where the people are. Following where God nudges us, rooted in the middle of life.” Now in its seventh year, Humble Walk is the essence of a missional church, born and bred on the West End of Saint Paul, a neighborhood home to more than half the congregation.